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Teachers as Writers Research Report Launched Today

Teresa Cremin, Professor of Literacy in Education, The Open University

The report of the partnership between Arvon, The Open University and University of Exeter into Teachers as Writers is launched today!

This two year project reveals new insights about the value of teachers expanding their own understanding about writing and being a writer through working with professional writers. It highlights consequences for classrooms, both primary and secondary, including:

  • the significance of time and space to ‘Just Write’ (who owns the space to write?);
  • the potency of the personal and drawing on life experience (who frames their content choices?);
  • the value of investing more energy and effort in revising (whose choices are these?);
  • the need to develop students’ autonomy as writers (whose writing is it anyway?).

Professional writers, the research reveals, whilst also responsive to their publishers, exert considerable agency as authors. The teachers too found their authorial agency upheld as they generated, shaped and polished chosen pieces of writing- they were free to write, albeit supported by the Arvon tutors.

What of young people – is it time to let them free to write?

To read the Executive Summary click here:

Teachers as Writers Executive Summary (PDF download)

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