A weekly blog about Teachers as Writers, a two-year research project offering teachers sustained opportunities to write and build co-mentoring relationships with professional writers in order to improve student outcomes.
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An August Writer

By Professor Debra Myhill, Director of the Centre for Research in Writing, Pro-Vice Chancellor and Executive Dean, The University of Exeter In the rhythm of the academic year at university, August is normally a month where the pace slows down a little and where there is a little more space for choosing what you want to do.  … Continue reading “An August Writer”

To plan or not to plan?

By Lucy Oliver, Research Fellow, University of Exeter ‘Should we plan it out before we write anything?’ Just one of the questions students have asked writers during the co-teaching phase of the Teachers as Writers project. But a telling one perhaps, in that it signals some of the ritualised practices we’ve come to associate with … Continue reading “To plan or not to plan?”

What do you know about your writers?

By Teresa Cremin, Professor of Literacy in Education, The Open University At the start of this new school year there will be new faces, new challenges and new opportunities. Critically, new relationships will need to be made between children and teachers. I wonder what each already know, or think they know, about each other? I wonder too … Continue reading “What do you know about your writers?”

Time to dream

  By Jamila Gavin, novelist, Arvon tutor and Advisory Group member for the Teachers as Writers project   Einstein said, “Imagination is more important than knowledge.” How do today’s children discover themselves and the world when everything has to be calculated, tested and evaluated? Where is our next Isaac Newton, lying under a tree, seeing the … Continue reading “Time to dream”

A New Perspective

By Nick Stimson, playwright, theatre director and Writer Co-Mentor on the Teachers as Writers project  As someone who tutors at Arvon and often visits schools I suppose I thought I knew all I needed to know about how a writer works with young people. You go in there, you light the fireworks, and when that’s … Continue reading “A New Perspective”

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