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A weekly blog about Teachers as Writers, a two-year research project offering teachers sustained opportunities to write and build co-mentoring relationships with professional writers in order to improve student outcomes.
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The Craft of Writing

By Professor Debra Myhill, Director of the Centre for Research in Writing, Pro-Vice Chancellor and Executive Dean, University of Exeter Writing is a craft, a hefting of ideas, phrases, images into shape; a weaving of words into worlds.  And writers know this.  One of the striking aspects of the creative partnerships that writers forge with teachers … Continue reading “The Craft of Writing”

What do you know about your writers?

By Teresa Cremin, Professor of Literacy in Education, The Open University As the year begins, what do you know about your young writers? Indeed, what do they know about you as a writer – anything? Many teachers will want to add to information transferred from last year and assess their students’ writing, offering a range of activities … Continue reading “What do you know about your writers?”

What if

By Nick Stimson, playwright, theatre director and Writer Co-Mentor on the Teachers as Writers project Whether it be writing a poem, composing a song or symphony, labouring at a novel or a play, painting a picture or making a sculpture, or participating as an active maker in any creative art form, we have but one … Continue reading “What if”

A fun place to write

By Alan Durant, author and Writer Co-Mentor on the Teachers as Writers project  I visit schools a lot as an author and I often ask the children if they have a special place they like to think and write at home. A few hands go up initially – “in my bedroom”, “under my bed”, “at … Continue reading “A fun place to write”

What really matters?

By Anthony Wilson, Senior Lecturer, Graduate School of Education, University of Exeter I was on the phone to a writer friend the other week. In itself this is a rare occurrence: normally we communicate by email, text, and, what another writer friend calls the ‘quaint’ exchange of letters. In a year’s time we will be … Continue reading “What really matters?”

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