The Teachers as Writers research findings are now available to download here.

A weekly blog about Teachers as Writers, a two-year research project offering teachers sustained opportunities to write and build co-mentoring relationships with professional writers in order to improve student outcomes.
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Tell the truth. Take your time.

By Ian Eyres, Senior Lecturer, The Open University Before my involvement with Teachers as Writers I was for some years involved with a large-scale English teacher development programme in Bangladesh called English in Action (EIA). A couple of years into the project, a group of four or five EIA colleagues, including myself, became unusually excited … Continue reading “Tell the truth. Take your time.”

On giving feedback

By Dr Anthony Wilson, Senior Lecturer, Graduate School of Education, University of Exeter I found myself in the position of giving feedback to some writers recently. The writers were teachers who had signed up for two Master’s modules about writing. These comprised a critical look at how we teach writing, for which they needed to put … Continue reading “On giving feedback”

The creative and the critical

By Professor Debra Myhill, Director of the Centre for Research in Writing, Pro-Vice Chancellor and Executive Dean, The University of Exeter Children’s author, Tim Bowler, once wrote: Why is writing so tricky? Because it requires mastery of two conflicting skills: a creative skill and a critical skill. The former is of the imagination, the latter of the … Continue reading “The creative and the critical”

I remember

By Lucy Oliver, Research Fellow, University of Exeter ‘Writing from the heart’ has been a recurrent theme throughout the Teachers as Writers project. Teachers and writers together have drawn on life experience, memory and emotion as resources for writing in their classrooms, sometimes to powerful effect. The poem below was written and shared aloud by … Continue reading “I remember”

Let them write!

Teachers as Writers Research Report Launched Today Teresa Cremin, Professor of Literacy in Education, The Open University The report of the partnership between Arvon, The Open University and University of Exeter into Teachers as Writers is launched today! This two year project reveals new insights about the value of teachers expanding their own understanding about … Continue reading “Let them write!”

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