A weekly blog about Teachers as Writers, a two-year research project offering teachers sustained opportunities to write and build co-mentoring relationships with professional writers in order to improve student outcomes.
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Thinking like a writer

By Cliff Yates, poet, Arvon tutor and Writer Co-Mentor on the Teachers as Writers Project Arvon changes you – the workshops, the tutorials, the time to write – you’re so immersed in the process of writing that you come away thinking like a writer. It was such a pleasure working on this project alongside two … Continue reading “Thinking like a writer”

Appropriate technology?

By Ian Eyres, Senior Lecturer, The Open University I won’t say how long ago it was that I took my driving test, but it did include a section where I had to perform hand signals. As is so often the way with exams, that was the last time I ever used hand signals when driving … Continue reading “Appropriate technology?”

Life beyond the door

By Dr Anthony Wilson, Senior Lecturer, University of Exeter Last week saw an important milestone for Teachers as Writers. The CPD/feedback day gave everyone involved in the project – teachers, writers and researchers – a chance to catch their breath and reflect on what has been achieved in the classroom as a result of the intervention. We used … Continue reading “Life beyond the door”

Ready to jump in

By Kate Waring, English Teacher, St Peter’s Church of England Aided School, Exeter  I teach boys who are afraid to chase down a story. For them, a first line is a bigger obstacle than any kevlar-armoured, gun-wielding assassin on the gaming screen. I haven’t made it easy for them. I breathe down their neck, ready … Continue reading “Ready to jump in”

An August Writer

By Professor Debra Myhill, Director of the Centre for Research in Writing, Pro-Vice Chancellor and Executive Dean, The University of Exeter In the rhythm of the academic year at university, August is normally a month where the pace slows down a little and where there is a little more space for choosing what you want to do.  … Continue reading “An August Writer”

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