A weekly blog about Teachers as Writers, a two-year research project offering teachers sustained opportunities to write and build co-mentoring relationships with professional writers in order to improve student outcomes.
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On reaching land

By Becky Swain, Head of Learning and Participation, Arvon ‘We reached land after what seemed like weeks on the open sea. Our supplies had all but run out, our arms ached and our hearts were weary.’ Not, I hope, descriptive of a mid-term mood as we head towards half term break, but an extract from … Continue reading “On reaching land”

A chance to stop and think

By Ian Eyres, Senior Lecturer, The Open University Loyal readers of this blog will remember Debra’s recent entry on the value of just writing. Just writing, the spontaneous commitment of words to the page while they are fresh in the writer’s mind, is something that almost all the Teachers as Writers teachers have committed themselves … Continue reading “A chance to stop and think”

What do I know?

By Dr Anthony Wilson, Senior Lecturer, Graduate School of Education, University of Exeter One of the more interesting paradoxes of analysing the interviews of professional writers during the Teachers as Writers (TaW) project has been the finding that many of the writers struggled when we asked them to define their ‘craft knowledge’ of writing. I call … Continue reading “What do I know?”

Sharing – the pain and the gain

By Professor Debra Myhill, Director of the Centre for Research in Writing, Pro-Vice Chancellor and Executive Dean, The University of Exeter Whenever I prepare something for sharing in a public forum, I am modestly pleased with my efforts at the start, but as soon as somebody else shares their work, I instantly re-evaluate my work and wish … Continue reading “Sharing – the pain and the gain”

Some thoughts on impact

By Lucy Oliver, Research Fellow, University of Exeter As we write up our findings from the Teachers as Writers (TaW) project, it’s hard to avoid a creeping sense of déjà vu. After all, the idea that students gain when teachers of writing write themselves is hardly new. Nor are the strategies that TaW project teachers … Continue reading “Some thoughts on impact”

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